Angelrush Ventures is a seed stage venture capital fund based in San Francisco. Our mission is to seek out entrepreneurs with product vision, consumer insight, focused execution, and unwavering ambition. When we are lucky enough to meet founders with these qualities, our hope is that they will choose us as a partner. All of us are entrepreneurs at heart. We have each started and run companies for a living. Angelrush Ventures is where we invest in our peers.

Through our platform, we drive higher customer engagement, stronger intent and garner more insightful data from each user. As a result, we see a lower cost of acquisition, increased customer lifetime value and most importantly, thorough understanding of our customer. Since inception we have refined our process to support a vertically agnostic model. We remain the experts on direct to consumer marketing while impacting user experience across a variety of businesses. In 2014, Angelrush entered the healthcare industry and now dedicates in sole focus and expertise to the advocacy of eHealth.